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IXA Reposado Tequila 750ml
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IXA Reposado Tequila


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Category Reposado
Origin Mexico
Brand IXA
Alcohol/vol 40%
Proof 80.00
Greenbar Distillery's IXA Reposado Tequila is a high-quality, organic tequila produced by Greenbar Distillery, located in Los Angeles, California. This tequila is crafted from 100% organic blue agave sourced from Jalisco, Mexico, and is known for its rich and complex flavor profile.

Ingredients: Made from 100% organic blue agave.
Aging: Aged for nearly one year in a combination of new toasted oak and rye whiskey barrels, which imparts a unique flavor profile.
ABV: 40% (80 Proof).

Flavor Profile: The IXA Reposado Tequila balances the jammy flavor of ripe agave with caramel and spices from the aging process. It has a rich agave taste, complemented by herbal and spicy notes, and finishes with a buttery texture.

Tasting Notes
Appearance: Bright gold in the glass.
Aroma: Rounded notes of vanilla and buttery brioche, with a gentle white-floral touch and a sprinkling of baking spices.
Palate: Rich agave, herbs, and spice with a buttery finish from aging in both new toasted oak and rye whiskey barrels.

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