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Big Nose Kate Western Whiskey 750ml
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Big Nose Kate Western Whiskey


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Category Whiskey
Origin United States, New Mexico
Brand Big Nose Kate
Alcohol/vol 45%
Proof 90.00

Big Nose Kate® is an artfully balanced western whiskey created by award-winning Master Blender, Melissa Heim

The western frontier was (in)famously a wild crossroads of myriad cultures and influences, a melting pot where fascinating, robust new combinations formed constantly. Indeed, you might think of the Old West as an extraordinary and rare “blend.” And so was Kate, the person. Her stories, combined with the place and time she lived, sparked our imagination and directly influenced our approach to making this whiskey. 

Well-traveled. Brave. Bold. A rare combination. It's Big Nose Kate®.

Nose...Yes, it's big: Dried fruit, biscuits, bitter chocolate, coffee, orange peel, and a wisp of mint. Fully bodied with a rich mouthfeel. Opens with dry sherry and cherry fruit, cereal grain, and green apple with a finish of baking spices and cocoa.

Age 4-6 years



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