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Brother's Bond Straight Bourbon Whiskey 750ml
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Brother's Bond Straight Bourbon Whiskey


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Category Bourbon
Brand Brother's Bond

Brother's Bond Bourbon is a premium, four-grain, high-rye straight bourbon whiskey crafted by actors Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley, famously known for their roles as the Salvatore Brothers on the TV series "The Vampire Diaries." This bourbon is a testament to their decade-long friendship, both on and off-screen, and their shared passion for great bourbon.


Brother's Bond Bourbon is meticulously crafted using a blend of three distinctive mash bills, resulting in a four-grain bourbon with a mash bill of 65% corn, 22% rye, and the remaining percentage made up of wheat and barley. This combination ensures a rich, full-bodied, smooth, complex flavor profile.

Distillation and Aging

The bourbon is distilled using a copper column and copper pot-doubler distillation method, which enhances its flavor and texture. It is then aged for at least four years in virgin American oak barrels, with a deep #4 char on the staves and a #2 char on the barrel heads. This aging process imparts a robust character and a warm, lingering finish.

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