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Finnriver Black Currant Cider 500ml Bottle
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Finnriver Black Currant Cider

500ml Bottle

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Category Hard Cider
Origin United States, Washington
Brand Finnriver
Alcohol/vol 6.5%

A light, lovely cider, with a purple blush, that blends heirloom and organic dessert apples with the tart mysteries of organic black currant. Immensely drinkable.

STYLE: Botanical Craft Cider

AROMA & FLAVOR: Bright apple fruit balanced by berry complexity and the rich, floral depth of local, organic Royal Velvet lavender. Notes of purple and chocolate.

APPLE VARIETIES: Fermented on the farm with a select blend of Certified Organic Washington apples, featuring seasonal varieties such as Granny Smith, Pink Lady, Braeburn & Gala.

CIDERMAKER NOTES: Our botanical ciders share the earthy essence of life in the fields and forests of the Olympic Peninsula. Small batch seasonal production features cider fermented on the farm, blended cider with organic black currant, and then steeped with organic lavender flowers sourced from local farms (Jardin de Soleil and Wilderbee Farms) A final addition of unrefined organic cane sugar adds depth, sweetness, and flavor. Lightly carbonated. Made without gluten ingredients.

SERVING SUGGESTIONS: Serve chilled. Lovely paired with summer salads, fragrant cheeses, and decadent chocolate desserts. Gorgeous in the glass, this cider evokes summer’s bounty. Add ice to a glass on a hot afternoon, or serve with ice cream after dinner.

SWEETNESS: Semi-sweet


BOTTLE VOLUME: 500 ml. (16.9 oz.)

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