Fort George Brewery Vortex IPA 4 pack 16oz Bottle

Fort George Brewery Vortex IPA 4 pack 16oz Bottle

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4 x 16oz Bottle

India Pale Ales were designed to withstand the long voyage to India. Today, it seems one has to design the IPA strong and hoppy enough to make the trip back as well. Vortex IPA is Fort George's contribution to the IPA arms race. With generous additions of Amarillo, Simcoe and Centennial hops throughout the brewing, fermentation and conditioning phases, balanced with heaps of organic pale malt, we designed this to not rip the taste buds off your tongue, but rather vigorously stimulate them and your palate into a lupulin-ecstacy of pleasure. During the cross-country truck trip our brewery made to find its home in Astoria it was nearly scattered to the cornfields of Nebraska by a tornado. We try to capture some of nature's intensity in every pint.
Category India Pale Ale
Region United States, Oregon
Brand Fort George Brewery
Alcohol/vol 7.7%