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Cadée-Distillery No. 4 Vodka 750ml
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Cadée-Distillery No. 4 Vodka


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Category Vodka
Origin United States, Washington
Brand Cadée-Distillery
Proof 80.00

WHY No. 4?

Cadée No. 4 is distilled four times, allowing a  uniquely smooth, fresh taste.  A hand drawn local iconic image of Mt. Index, near Snoqualmie in the Cascade Mountain ranges, graces our label for No. 4 as well as the Isle of Whidbey Label on the rear.

ABV: 40% / 80 Proof

Handmade in small batches on the Isle of Whidbey, Washington.  Distilled from Grain.

Nose:  A uniquely smooth, fresh taste.  Subtle, crisp and light. Full and round with a medium bodied weight.

Tasting Notes:  Hint of vanilla with gentle, soft cream characteristics.  A rich, velvety texture.  A balance of sweet and savory with light pepper and spice.


This creamy, refreshing Vodka is delicious neat or as a very special addition to your favorite cocktail.

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