Budweiser Reserve Jim Beam Copper Lager 6 pack 12oz


SKU 018200200694

6 x 12oz


A beer based on a recipe halted by Prohibition.

The limited-edition 1933 Repeal Reserve Amber Lager is 6.1% abv and comes packaged in vintage Budweiser stubby bottles. 1933 Repeal Reserve, is a limited-edition brew employing a recipe from the days of Prohibition. Adolphus Busch originally developed the recipe to share with friends 

1933 Repeal Reserve has a “light, hoppy aroma,” a “caramel-malt taste,” and 6.1% alcohol by volume, versus traditional Bud’s 5%, reports the company. It’s being sold in vintage-style, “stubby” bottles

"While Budweiser Repeal Reserve is a great tasting amber lager, it also tells the story of an important part of our history and gives reason for celebration," said Ricardo Marques, vice president of Budweiser.


Style - Lager - American Amber/6.1% ABV

Category Lager
Country United States
Region Missouri
Brand Budweiser