Batch 206 Barrel Raider Bottle

Batch 206 Barrel Raider  Bottle

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750ml Bottle


We at Batch 206 Distillery are passionate about whiskey. In our travels, we are constantly seeking out beautifully aged whiskeys. In pursuit of these mythical caches, we slog through endless rickhouses, smoky back rooms and old sheds, following rumors and stories. When we find what we are looking for, we smell, we taste and we haggle.

Sometimes it’s one barrel, sometimes it’s 100. Each numbered batch will be unique depending on the barrels that are raided.

We call it Barrel Raider.

This first edition of Barrel Raider is a seven-year-old bourbon with a mashbill of 70% sweet corn, a whopping 22% winter rye and 8% sprouted barley. Owing to its high-rye content, Barrel Raider straight bourbon whiskey is spicy and peppery with a pipe tobacco aroma, and it possesses a nearly endless finish.

Category Bourbon
Region Ireland
Brand Batch 206
Alcohol/vol 42%