Cognac Park Extra Grande Champagne Bottle

Cognac Park Extra Grande Champagne  Bottle
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750ml Bottle


"The House of Tessendier, which has been producing cognacs ever since 1880, has painstakingly crafted the blends of the Park cognacs to give them their assertive character marked by their class, elegance and purity. From one generation to the next, in the heart of the prestigious Cognac vineyards, time works hand in hand with these creative artists in the dim cellars along the banks of the Charente river. The traditional oak barrels are home to the slow maturing of the subtly blended eaux de vie in a secret alchemy which will lead to the appearance of the Park cognacs. This XO Extra cognac, draped in its golden robes, reveals a unique bouquet mingling the aromas of coconut, passion fruit and nutmeg. Its fascinating complexity lies in the successful balance between power and finesse. After ageing for several decades, the Park Grande Champagne XO offers an unbeatable quality of mellowness, finesse and length on the palate." —producer

Category Cognac
Country France
Region Cognac
Appellation Grande Champagne
Brand Cognac Park