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Hidden Legend Maple Mead Bottle


SKU 892322001083

750ml Bottle


Honey and Maple, Bees and Trees. Nature simply meant some things to go together. That’s why we’ve blended 100% pure maple syrup with thick, smooth Montana honey. The result is a dark, enchanting flavor, with distinctive maple flourishes in the finish. Enjoy Hidden Legend Maple Mead wine by itself or experiment with meals. Visit our online store to buy mead.

This honey wine has is worth trying! The maple flavor in this honey wine is not overpowering but leaves the perfect maple honey mead flavor finish after sipping this mead wine. We couldn’t have anticipated how well maple compliments Hidden Legend meadery’s dark honey mead. This mead wine is great for sipping anytime. We think this honey mead is great with any smoked food, BBQ, or cheese. Maple honey wine is the perfect honey mead compliment to your next BBQ.

Category Mead
Country United States
Region Montana
Brand Hidden Legend