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Coors Light 12 pack 12oz Can

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12 x 12oz Can


We think the best kind of beer is cold beer. Our beer is lagered, filtered and packaged at near freezing temperatures. This process ensures that Frost-Brewed® Coors Light is as crisp and refreshing as the Rockies themselves. Every batch we make is taste-tested over 250 times by sensory pros who ensure that we are consistently meeting our standards and every beer tastes great . We think the cold way is the right way, because nobody ever said, “I sure could go for a warm beer.”

Want to know more about what makes our beer, our beer? Here’s what comes in every can (per 12 fl oz).

4.2% ABV

102 Calories

5 Grams of Carbs

0 Grams of fat

< 1 Gram of Protein

Category Beer
Country United States
Brand Coors