Captain Morgan Jack-O Blast Bottle

Captain Morgan Jack-O Blast Bottle

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750ml Bottle


Captain Morgan Jack O Blast is a pumpkin spiced rum that is available for a limited time. .The Captain promises the sweet taste of pumpkin with hints of warm spice. It is made with rum distilled in St Croix. Spice and natural flavors are added before bottling at 60 proof in a distinctive pumpkin shaped bottle.

It pours to a pumpkin orange hued rum caramel color. The aroma is pumpkin spice with notes of cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, and caramel with a ginger bread and rum backing. The sweet cinnamon entry is joined by nutmeg, ginger and clove flavor. There is a warm mild cinnamon sting at the midpoint before fading with caramel pumpkin spice flavor. The finish is long and flavorful with rum flavor joining the pumpkin pie taste. Captain Morgan Jack O Blast is a great fall shooter, that is tasty and smooth enough to drink on the rocks, or mix in a cockt

Jeff Ellingson Best Tasting Spirits

Category Spiced Rum
Region United States
Brand Captain Morgan
Alcohol/vol 30%