The Pike Locale Skagit Valley Alba 22oz Bottle

The Pike Locale Skagit Valley Alba 22oz Bottle

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22oz Bottle


Pike Locale Skagit Valley Alba is light and citrusy with a clean, earthy and nutty malt finish. Subtly seasoned with Yakima Valley hops, Pike Locale Skagit Valley Alba pours a beautiful light amber color with crisp, pale foam.


Malt is the soul of beer; akin to grapes in wine. Brewers have an incredible diversity of hops to brew with and yet since Prohibition have been limited in malt choices. Now Pike Brewing Company is working directly with Skagit Valley farmers to grow barley varietals specifically for craft beer malt. These varietals will bring new, full and complex flavors that today’s craft beer drinkers want. 

Pike Brewing is partnering with with WSU’s Bread Lab, Skagit Valley Malting and local farmers on the Pike Locale series. In addition to their unique and full flavors, these beers will also help protect the Skagit Valley’s precious farmland.

Category Microbrew
Region United States, Washington
Brand The Pike