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Batch 206 Log Cabin Bourbon
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Batch 206 Log Cabin Bourbon


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Category Bourbon
Region United States, Washington
Brand Batch 206
Proof 86.00

Two O.G.’s and a Whiskey Worth Dying For

There was a lot of bad blood between Al Capone’s Gang and Bugs Moran’s Gang. Bugs had been hijacking Capone’s shipments of whiskey and reselling it. Capone decided enough was enough and hatched a scheme to eliminate the problem once and for all. Capone, through an intermediary, got word to Bugs that a shipment of the finest whiskey of the time was sitting in The S.M.C Cartage warehouse and was his for the taking for just $57.00 a case (a lot of dough at the time).

Moran couldn’t resist and planned for a pick-up on Feb 14, 1929. When Moran’s Gang arrived that fateful morning, out of town hit men dressed in police uniforms appeared for what seemed to be a normal shake down. Moran’s gang was not fazed by such an everyday occurrence and calmly lined up while the bribe was paid.

The hit men whipped out Thompson machine guns and brutally gunned down the gang. The infamy of St. Valentine’s Day massacre would live throughout history.

The name of the whiskey that Moran couldn’t resist…Old Log Cabin.

Unable to find a drop anywhere of this historically acclaimed whiskey , Batch 206 Distillery has single handedly resurrected this brand and honored this age-old whiskey with a totally new mash bill makeover. Old Log Cabin is made using 51% percent Washington corn and a whopping 49% Washington malted barley, with no rye or wheat anywhere in sight!