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kkAda Sutra Caramel Liquor Bottle

kkAda Sutra Caramel Liquor Bottle

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750ml Bottle


kkAda Caramel Liqueur (Pronounced: kah-day) is the hottest new product you must try. As a non-cream liqueur it is dairy free and doesn't curdle in many mixed drinks where other products would. It's amazing for cooking, mixing, and even sipping straight.

kkAda is the best caramel experience in the world! Our caramel in made form exotic Indian spices. kkAda is the only all caramel, non creamy liqueur made in the world. kkAda is as good in the kitchen, as it is in the bar. When you say CARAMEL, we say kkAda!

Category Liqueur
Region United States, Washington
Brand kkAda Sutra