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kkAda Sutra Caramel Liquor 50ml
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kkAda Sutra Caramel Liquor


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Category Liqueur
Region United States, Washington
Brand kkAda Sutra

kkAda is a one-of-a-kind, all-caramel, non-creamy liqueur. The French, the Spanish, and the Italians make creamy caramel liqueurs. They are lactose based. kkAda is Non-Dairy and Gluten- Free. We use a proprietary process called "stilltrium" to produce our wonderful caramel. Over the past two years kkAda has been honored by receiving medals from world renowned spirits competitions; although this is wonderful, it is the reaction of the general public that makes our hearts sing! Simply put, people love caramel, and people love kkAda!

kkAda is the best caramel experience in the world! Our caramel in made from exotic Indian spices. kkAda is the only all caramel, non-creamy liqueur made in the world. kkAda is as good in the kitchen, as it is in the bar. When you say CARAMEL, we say kkAda! (Pronounced: kah-day)