Fremont Mischief Freedom Whiskey with Lantern

Fremont Mischief Freedom Whiskey with Lantern

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Mischief's "Freedom" Whiskey is a special packaging for our premium whiskey to honor those who have served. Each bottled has a unique dog tag with the name of a fallen or wounded soldier. The package features the always moving Gettysburg Address. Help 'Carry the Lantern'. For veterans who have served and for those still on active duty, we present "Freedom Isn't Free, a specially packaged bottle of our flagship Fremont Mischief Whiskey. On every bottle you'll find a unique dog tag honoring and thanking someone who received a Purple Heart while in service to our Country. To make your bottle even more personal, we also make dog tags by request for no additional charge. Community is like family. We donate a portion from sales of each spirit to a deserving foundation that builds our community: Mary's place, Behind the Badge, Growing Veterans, and Sea Scouts.
Category Whiskey
Region United States, Washington
Brand Fremont Mischief