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Dachshund Riesling VNS 750ml
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Dachshund Riesling VNS


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Category Spirits
Region Germany, Rheinhessen
Brand Dachshund
Alcohol/vol 9.5%

Riesling is a grape variety that is highly terrier specific. Like the riesling, Dachshunds are clearly influence by their place of origin. Amusingly, clever, affection and brave, they are cunning rascals and are very curious creatures. Like this crisp riesling, Dachshund is a tribute to their proud German ancestry. 

This riesling is quite the thirst quencher. But like all good dachshunds, it's somewhere between the long and short of sweet and dry. Enjoy with a wide variety of foods, from salads to grilled poultry and seafood. Or, like every dachshund we know, simply enjoy it alone sipping while basking in the sunshine!

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