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Blue Chair Bay Banana Rum
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Blue Chair Bay Banana Rum


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Category Rum
Region United States
Brand Blue Chair Bay
Alcohol/vol 26.5%
Proof 53.00

New Blue Chair Bay Banana Rum, available nationwide this week, transports you to that special sand-in-the-toes, ocean-cooled place, with a body that melds creamy banana smoothness with hints of warm baking spices, and a caramelized banana finish with notes of classic white rum.

The newest Blue Chair Bay Rum flavor joins the brand's original White, Coconut and Coconut Spiced varieties, created and wholly owned by multiplatinum singer-songwriter Kenny Chesney. Like all Blue Chair Bay rums, Banana is 100% beach made and mellowed in casks at one of the oldest, most storied distilleries in the Caribbean, literally 100 yards from the beach.

"Our three original flavors set an incredibly high bar, so we took our time with our latest addition. Just like life at the beach, some of the greatest things just can't be rushed," said Mark Montgomery, CEO of Fishbowl Spirits, parent company of Blue Chair Bay Rum. "Like our first three flavors, Banana Rum embodies the anytime, anywhere spirit of the islands with each sip."

"The creamy banana entry takes on a banana cream pie flavor before peaking with some rum flavor and a smooth finish with a mild burn on the back of my throat. Additional sips bring out some nutty flavor on the finish. Bottled at 53 proof, 25% stronger than some flavored rums I expected more alcohol heat and more of an over sweetened flavor, but Blue Chair Bay Banana rum is smooth enough, and tasty enough to drink on the rocks at the beach as you watch the waves come in and the sun go down. If you prefer your rum mixed try a Banana Fizz.

Banana Fizz

1 1/2 Oz Blue chair Bay Banana Rum

1 Oz. fresh Pineapple Juice

Club Soda

Serve on the rocks and garnish with a lime wedge. For a more citrusy flavor substitute Sierra Mist for soda

Made in Barbados

26.5% Alcohol"

Jeff Ellingson