Tangle Ridge Double Casked Blended Canadian Whisky 10 year old


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Tangle Ridge Blended Canadian Whisky takes its name from Tangle Ridge, a limestone wall that has since become a landmark in the Canadian Rockies (discovered by Canada’s first female explorer, Mary Schaeffer).

Made from 100% of the finest Canadian rye, Tangle Ridge is the only Canadian whisky that uses the Double Casked method of flavoring and aging. The rye whisky is first aged for ten years in oak barrels. Then, the barrels are dumped and the whisky is blended with a hint of sherry. The whisky is then recasked for additional aging to allow the flavors to marry.

Tangle Ridge is produced in Calgary, Alberta overlooking the very mountains this brand is named for. Most of the rye used in the production of this brand is locally purchased in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

The result is a mellow whisky, representative of the very best that Canada has to offer in spirits.

Category Canadian Whisky
Country Canada
Brand Tangle Ridge
Alcohol/vol 40%