44 Degrees North Magic Valley Wheat Vodka

44 Degrees North Magic Valley Wheat Vodka

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Our Magic Valley Wheat Vodka is the refinement of quality and purity. 44º North Magic Valley Wheat Vodka delivers a classic vodka taste with a clean and crisp edge, perfect for enjoying "neat" or as the key ingredient in your favorite vodka cocktails. When not planting potatoes, a cycle crop of Brundage Winter Wheat is planted to bring nutrients back into the soil. Using a five-column distillation process, this low-protein Brundage Wheat is converted into a superior American vodka. 44° North Rocky Mountain Spring Water is drawn from a deep well out of the Snake River Aquifer and provides a key ingredient in the purity of all 44° North Vodkas.
Category Vodka
Region United States, Idaho
Brand 44 Degrees North
Alcohol/vol 40%