Wishkah River 13 Corners Virgin Cask American Malt Whiskey


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Thirteen Corners – American Malt Whiskey - 80pr – 750ml

Aged in un-used or "Virgin" American White Oak barrels, our Virgin Cask Whiskey is made from a mash bill consisting of Washington select malted barley, soft white winter wheat, and malted rye. This American Malt Whiskey is slightly different than traditional malt whiskies as it's aged on un-used oak. Traditionally, the more popular malt whiskies have been aged utilizing used bourbon barrels (we do that too). What we found was that aging our whiskey in an un-used barrel was a profile unlike most whiskies. A little more oak, a little more tannin, and a little more sugar from the wood made for just little better whiskey in our eyes. We hope you enjoy!

Awards and Professional Reviews

- Seattle Refined - KOMO News 4 Blog - "5 of Washington's Best Whiskeys"

Category Whiskey
Country United States
Region Washington
Brand Wishkah River