Wishkah River Un-aged Cask Proof American Malt Whiskey


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When you procure our mini aging barrels, you'll delight in the process of watching this Single Malt American Whiskey change from a clear liquid to a warm amber hue that delivers rich, complex flavors. If you want faster aging, select a smaller barrel and enjoy your whiskey sooner. Choose from 1 liter barrels (age 6 to 8 weeks), 2 liter barrels (age 10 to 12 weeks), 3 liter barrels (age 14 to 16 weeks), and 5 liter barrels (age 6 months). You really can't make a mistake. The Whiskey decides when it is done, and you'll have a barrel of fun sampling your whiskey throughout the aging process.
Category Whiskey
Country United States
Region Washington
Brand Wishkah River
Alcohol/vol 55%