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Kru 82 Vodka
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Kru 82 Vodka



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Category Vodka
Region Netherlands
Brand Kru 82

When it comes to alcohol, many vodkas are packaged in fancy glass bottles, but the KRU 82 Vodka chooses environmental health over excessive bling.

If the word Vodka weren’t etched onto the KRU 82 Vodka, there would be a good chance most would perceive it to be a high-end water bottle. However, the drink contained inside this stainless steel canteen is in fact alcohol. The bottle is shatterproof, recyclable and reusable for those who take the environment seriously—the bottle even comes with its own carabiner and strap. As for the taste, the KRU 82 is described as smooth, crisp and clean; excellent adjectives to describe hard liquor.

The KRU 82 Vodka presents unconventional packaging to bring greener alternatives to consumers.